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Self – Sustaining Charity and utility

SNAFU_Elite Token that has been developed on the BSC taking charity to a whole new level. This is done by providing a self-sustaining charity wallet and utility not only to veterans but SNAFU communities as well throughout the globe and to its investors by having an interchangeable rewards contract with farming, staking, NFT staking, and NFT reflections. WHOA! With MORE to come in the future!

List of important security links below

Transparency is KEY

LP Lock

Veteran art created during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom

Real life events sketch on paper 18 years ago and integrated into a tier NFT reward reflections system

On the front of the plaque showcases the art and on the back is a description of the relevance behind the masterpieces

These veteran art NFTs will be randomly minted at .25

This 1st series drop is a one of a kind NFT utility that has not been seen before!!!
-With every .5 BNB buying into SNAFU and airdropping reflections
-Another .5 BNB will be going back into the project

Limited Wooden edition – 1x
Limited Copper Edition – 3x
Limited Golden Edition – 5x

“Veteran created,

veteran TRUSTED”


Buy Tax 12%

Sell Tax 13%

The Elite Roadmap

The beginning

Phase 1

Snafu Roadmap

Website upgraded
SNF Air Drop
Private Sale
List token on Coin Sniper, Coin Mooner, Catapult
Engage in talks with Veteran owned businesses
Start plans for Platform
Apply for LLC
List all wallets for reference
Charity Donation
Create Discord
Promotional Raffle
CG and CMC Applied
Audit and KYC
The Works

Phase 2

Snafu Roadmap

Next leveling marketing
Start plans for Multi-Chain
Start Plans for Staking contract
Start building exclusive global platform
Second partnership
Multiple give-a-ways in tokens and BNB
On – Ramp purchasing
Start development for staking app
Charity donation
Expansion of team
Update roadmap and Whitepaper

Phase 3

Snafu Roadmap

Finalize Multi-chain
Beta testing staking App
Beta testing exclusive global platform
Commercial/Promotional Video
CEX listing
Multiple give-a-ways in tokens and BNB

*Subject to change and may not go in order – we will do our best to stay ahead of schedule

Road map will get updated as needed

Meet the team

Dave Murray

SNAFU_Elite Founder

SSgt Murray is a 12-year Marine veteran that has overcome multiple obstacles when entering in the civilian world. He has experience in management and logistics and wants to give back one day at a time to help our veterans in need. With his personal experience with ongoing issues, he knows first-hand what our veterans endure on a daily basis.


Partnership Relations Manager

Steven comes from a strong background of being a strong supporter of veterans. with his father serving in the Navy during the Vietnam war era. Steven has seen firsthand on how war can affect the mind. Steven was honored when taken this position and is very active in the community and the support that SNAFU gives one day at a time.



Spencer is a God fearing family man with a background software engineering and computer science. He has spent most of his career supporting various nonprofits and has the utmost respect for Veterans and the hardships they have faced to protect our country.

Christine Murray

Correspondence Manager

Christine is the Commander in Chief, and she makes it known by hanging a Placker on the door that says, `` A Veteran lives here with his Commander in Chief``. She supports this project and loves to see the passion the Daves puts into it. She will be maintaining the correspondence for the project.

Jay Snowy

Media Visual Director

Snowy, our visual media designer, ensures the face of SNAFU Elite stands above the crowd. Having endured his own obstacles in life, and received aid through charity funded organizations, Snowy found a new home in SNAFU, and saw the potential to give back to not only services that help those in need, but to those who serve our countries and protect our welfare.


Community Manager